Updates & Roadmap

Good news, we're starting our roadmap. You will find here all the updates related to Madurel

Would you like to see a specific feature on Madurel ? Send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your feedback / new feature you'd like to see - we'll try to implant it quickly

Next Update (End July)

  • The ability to track a goal 🎯 (simple or custom conversions)

    • a way to track a goal as page view events

    • a way to track Custom Goals via a Javascript snippet code

  • Email Reports 📩

    • a way to enable or disable email reports for each tracked website individually

  • Fixed heatmaps generation problems

  • Generate PDF reports

May 17th Update

  • Dark-mode (for the pleasure of your eyes 👀).

  • Bounce rates for Top pages and Referrers widgets.

  • Exit Pages statistics to see which are the pages where people leave off your website.

  • Ability to click on the Referrer domain and see which pages from that domain were the referrers.

  • Improved the way Sessions are replayed and fixed problems which caused the session replay page to sometimes fail loading.

  • Improved the way Heatmaps are displayed and fixed problems which caused the heatmap page to sometimes fail loading.

  • Fixed heatmaps generation problems in some situations.

  • Fixed date picker input not showing up on certain mobile phones.